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Additional Important Information



  1. We have several very economical plans that allows the couple to decide their needs and budget.  If the wedding is on a day other than Saturday, we have special pricing and discounts.  For "weekday" weddings, we can negotiate a price that should suit your budget.

  2. We are Digital Specialists.  You will  have the best of the latest technology and the most modern and creative ideas possible.  Any of your images can be black & white or sepia.  Our brides also like images with a splash of color and Vintage Tints.  A client favorite is our artist created Watercolor Art Print and Line-drawings.

  3. We have Plans with beautiful custom designed albums that also include the edited digital image files on a flash drive with the rights to print anywhere forever. 

  4. You will typically have from 600 to 1,500 images to choose from.

  5. Your images will be placed on our online gallery so that everyone you know in the world can easily view your images.  The site is password protected.

  6. You will pay for your images in three (3) payments spread out over many months.

  7. We send three (3) professionals to your wedding; two (2) professionals to Sapphire Plan weddings.  Having such a talented dedicated team ensures that very close attention is paid to the details:  stray hair, out of place veils, pocket flaps out of place, necklace clasp showing, crooked bow ties, etc.

  8. We have a wide selection of the best album types.  We carry three of the best Italian flush mount albums available.  We are the exclusive photographer for a special Italian album company.

  9. We have plans starting as low as $2120.  Our bride and grooms can have a custom designed beautifully crafted American Album.  Our prices are very competitive because we photograph over 85 weddings per year.

    Our plans include the high resolution files with the rights to print.  You will NOT have to download your digital images!  You will receive all the edited digital images on a flash drive ready to use anyway you wish.  You will receive HIGH RESOLUTION digital images so you can print any size print.

  10. We have plans from  $2120 that include the digital images with rights to print them. You will receive your digital images, ready to print or share, on a flash drive.

  11. If your wedding is on any day of the week other than Saturday, you will receive a discount of $100 off our already affordable pricing.  Plus you will receive a 25% off your wedding invitations and reception accessories; we have thousands to choose from.

  12. We are Wedding Photography Specialists.     We have photographed over 4,500 in the last 25+ years.


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